About Asante Coffee Shops

In order to support the work of c4c (Citizens4change.co.uk) the Asante Coffee Shops have been set up in Chandlers Ford and Romsey.

One of the things we promote as a charity is business enterprise so it follows that here in the U.K. we do the same. The coffee shops have volunteers as well as paid staff to keep our costs down.

Running any business is always a risky enterprise and sadly the original shop in Chandlers Ford set up over four years ago, has now been forced to close when Costa arrived in Fryern Arcade taking all the casual trade away.  The Romsey Shop which is in a bigger area and already competes with both Costa and Neros, continues to do well.

We are grateful to all our volunteers who worked with us at the Chandlers Ford Shop, and those who support the business’ with their custom.

Together we can still release some of our disposable cash directly into the education of the children and young people living in the slums of Kisumu. Please view the film ‘Dare 2 Dream’ which depicts exactly where our profits will be sent.


Supported by Romsey Dental Care – www.romseydentalcare.co.uk

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